Traditional Ground Burial

Grave spaces at Riverview Cemetery are available on both a pre-need and an at-need basis. Interment options include traditional below-ground burial and below-ground burial of cremated remains.

These options include large family estate lots, multiple space lots and single grave spaces. Depending on the needs of the family, there are many areas throughout the cemetery to choose.

By owning Riverview Cemetery property, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the location you select will be perpetually cared for as a tribute to those you love. The utmost care and maintenance is assured through Riverview's Endowment Fund. All burial rights purchased at Riverview include permanent care to provide adequate funding for the administrative costs, current maintenance as well as future care. There are no annual fees to pay after the initial purchase and quite frankly Riverview Cemetery is the best value in cemetery property in northeast Indiana.


Estate Planning

Purchasing memorial property before need is an act of love and understanding. It allows you together with your loved ones to make choices regarding your final resting place. Your selection can be made after careful thought and discussion without the emotional distress that occurs upon the loss of a loved one.

One might also consider the savings that may be realized by making a selection at today’s prices rather than in the future when prices are sure to be higher. No matter your age, it makes sense to pre-arrange your final resting place.

Why do people pre-fund cemetery property?

  • Peace of Mind
  • Benefit by purchasing at today's prices
  • Main reason - IT IS A GIFT OF LOVE - protecting your family from having to make difficult decisions at a time of grief

Riverview Cemetery counselors are available to help you make smart, informed choices. Please contact us at (260) 408-6011 for more information.