We are honored and privileged that our Veteran's section is the home of the M41 Vietnam Era Tank. Thank you to all who have served our country so bravely.

tankd42.jpgThe Vietnam Era M-41 Walker Bulldog tank, previously located at Johnny Appleseed Park; which has been property of the Breakfast Sertoma Club and the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, has been acquired by Riverview Cemetery. The tank will become the focal point of the cemetery’s newly designated Veteran’s section. Riverview Cemetery is owned and operated by D.O. McComb & Sons Funeral Home.

The M-41 tank obtained through the armed forces is 273 inches long, 127.8 inches wide and 108.4 inches in height. It weighs 51,000 pounds and has been demilitarized. There are few M-41’s left and we are very honored to be able to bring one to Riverview Cemetery. The tank will be maintained by the Cemetery’s perpetual care fund.

The Fort Wayne Freedom Riders  escorted the tank to its new location on Friday, November 1, 2013. Mayor Tom Henry and other community leaders were on hand to participate in the re-dedication ceremony which took place on November 11th, 2013 at Riverview Cemetery, 11428 Carroll Road.

D.O. McComb & Sons serves over 400 veterans and their families every year. “We feel it’s important to honor those who have served our country and adding a Veteran’s section and the M-41 to Riverview is just another way we can do this.”